Chase Log: March 23, 2016 – Carrollton, TX

27 Mar

Total Miles: 11
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: 1.00″

I don’t know if you can really call this a chase! The only place I went was up to Lake Lewisville to shoot lightning over the lake. Other than that, I was able to watch this storm from the comfort of my balcony!

I flirted with the possibility of traveling north of DFW to chase, but I didn’t see much reason to. My main goal with this setup was to get some good lightning shots. The tornado threat was marginal, and with a lack of sufficient directional shear, it was likely storms would line out pretty quickly. Why go anywhere when they’d come to me?

I went up to the lake right before sunset. Because storms were traveling in more of a northeasterly direction, I was able to stay put for well over an hour watching as storms developed and slowly approached.




I hadn’t even looked at the radar for a while, but I decided to check to see what these storms looked like, and how far away they were. When I looked, I saw the shape of a supercell with a good amount of rotation to the west near Haslet. It looked like it was headed almost directly toward me, perhaps a little to the south. I decided to head back home where I’d have a good view from my 3rd floor balcony. It was on a path close enough that I could probably see a tornado from there. I’d worry about what to do in case it was heading straight for me later! 😉


Well, when I was on my way back, outflow took over the storm and the rotation died. Oh well, it would still be a good spot to shoot the lightning. I also looked at the radar and realized the hail core was heading right for me. I sure didn’t want my sunroof to break again, a week after I had just replaced it!


Nonetheless, the lightning was frequent, and as the storm approached, the beautiful structure revealed itself!



Then the hail arrived! The biggest stone I collected was only 1 inch, but I’m sure there were bigger ones. They were all breaking apart when they hit the concrete. My sunroof survived, but the body of my car came away with several more dents!

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