21 Jun

Whenever there’s a chance for storms, especially in the evening and at night, I keep GRLevel3 up to see if I might get a chance to capture some lightning. I’ve gone out a few times this spring with a little luck, but no truly good shots. Last night that all changed!

I saw a small storm on its way, but it looked like it was losing intensity. However, the radar was still showing some lightning with this storm. I looked out my window to the west and saw numerous flashes, one right after the other. I quickly grabbed my Nikon D5100 and headed out the door!

I set up a 10 second exposure at first, but it seemed to bright, so I backed it down to 8 seconds. Shortly thereafter there was a very close CG strike, maybe a half-mile or so from my location. I try to do this as safely as possible, and stay in my car. However, the passenger side window is rolled down just enough so that the camera lens can see through it. The camera is mounted on a tripod in the passenger seat. So I knew I had captured that strike, but I was on continuous shot, so I just kept the camera going until the rain started, and I had to roll up the window. Then I went through my images and was amazed!

DCOM Lightning2

This is my best capture so far since getting my Nikon D5100. I’m sure there will be many more, and better, shots to come! Since getting this camera, my interest in storms has grown. I’m no longer just interested in the severe storms. I’m now watching any storm that can give me a good photo opportunity!

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One response to “Lightning

  1. David Byers

    June 21, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Good work, nice shot.


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