Chase Log: 5/1/12

02 May

Hadn’t planned on chasing due to finals, but the opportunity presented itself when a tornadic supercell made its way to Crawfordsville, which is about an hour away from my house.  It was still looking good, and I just couldn’t sit still and watch it on radar.  Half an hour drive and I would intercept it.  Out the door I went!

As I headed west toward Advance, IN the cell actually looked to be falling apart on radar.  The rotation was not as strong, and the core was getting weaker.  However, it continued to turn right, and a new area of rotation appeared to be forming to the south of the old one.  I got within view of the base just before reaching SR 75.  I turned south on 75 to Advance.  As I got to town, I was looking to my west trying to get a view of it through the few openings between houses and trees, and there it was… a beautiful cone tornado!  I only caught a brief glimpse, then tried to get through that darn town as quickly as I could.  When I finally got to a clearing, there was still quite a lowering, with strong rotation, but the condensation funnel was not all the way to the ground.  It could have still been on the ground at that point, but I was too far away to tell.

Shot this video as the tornado was disappearing into thin air.  After it was gone, the storm looked like junk.  Not bad though for a grand total of 70 miles on the chase, and just over an hour on a day when I didn’t think I’d get to see anything!

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