Product Review – Aquapel

08 Mar

In some of my early storm chases, one of the biggest challenges was driving through “cats and dogs” type of rain.  In the core of a severe thunderstorm, it is raining so hard that your wipers just can’t keep up.  In addition, it seemed as though the large drops of rain just stuck to the windshield.  I began using Rain-X, but it seemed as though the wipers took it right off in less than an hour, and I needed to re-apply at the next gas station stop.

I had heard about this product called Aquapel.  It seemed as though many chasers preferred it over Rain-X, but still I was skeptical.  I looked in the local auto parts stores, and couldn’t find it anywhere.  Many of them had never even heard of it!  So finally I decided to order it online (check for good prices).  It was some time in November when I got it, and applied it to my windshield.

I have since taken it for several test runs through normal rain showers, and on one early season storm chase last week through heavy rain.  They say it lasts 6 months without re-applying it.  It has now been 5 months, and it still seems to work as well as it did the day I applied it!

It has seen the carwash, several washer fluid wipes, and tons of friction from my Rain-X Latitude wiper blades.

The reason why it works so much better is that it forms a chemical bond with the glass.  The friction of the wipers does not seem to affect it.  Rain drops don’t fly off the windshield quite like they do with a fresh application of Rain-X, but at highway speeds I usually turn the wipers off, because I don’t need them!  The water beads up on the glass, and the harder it’s raining, the better the Aquapel performs.  At about $4-5 for the one application that has now lasted 5 months, I’d say it’s well worth it!

When I get a chance, I’ll add some video of the water running off the windshield on the highway.  I’m looking forward to getting back into some heavy rain cores and further testing!

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Click here to visit Amazon and get some for yourself!

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