Ten Reasons Why Heat is Better Than Cold/Snow

07 Aug

We’re likely going to hit our 22nd day in a row above 90° today here in Indy.  This is nothing compared to Texas, which has seen something like 35 straight days above 100°!  Still, people here are complaining about it!  Even worse, they’re wishing for snow!  Are they crazy?!  This guy thinks so.  That’s why I came up with ten reasons why this heat is better than the snow and cold.  Maybe it will make them realize how insane they really are!

1. Cold hurts.  If you’re outdoors any length of time and not bundled up like an Eskimo, your hands start to hurt, and you start talking like you’re drunk because you can’t move your jaw.  In the heat you may sweat buckets, but as long as you drink plenty of water, you’re good.

2. Heat doesn’t cause traffic problems.  I know you can remember times when it took you 2 hours to get to work when it was snowing.  Or even worse, 2 hours to get home.  Ever have that happen because it’s hot out?  Didn’t think so.  Heat also doesn’t cause deadly accidents on the roads.

3. Heat doesn’t close roads or businesses.  In the middle of a blizzard, you’re stuck at home.  Plus, you may not even have heat in the house due to heavy ice downing power lines.

4. You can’t play golf in the snow.  If you try, good luck ever finding your ball!

5. You can’t go fishing in the ice/snow.  Okay, sure there’s ice fishing, but that’s not real fishing.

6. There are no cookouts in the winter.  Who doesn’t love a cookout?

7. Girls in bikinis. (This is really the #1 reason)

8. Your car is always clean in the summer.  You hardly even have to wash it.  In the winter it needs washed every day they throw salt on the road, which is pretty much every day.

9. No Vitamin D deficiency.  Ever notice how depressed everyone gets all winter?  It’s due to a lack of Vitamin D!  Where do you get Vitamin D?  The sun!

10. Beach volleyball.

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One response to “Ten Reasons Why Heat is Better Than Cold/Snow

  1. Anonymous

    June 3, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    That is all completely wrong! Cold is actually better than heat.


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