Chase Log: 4/26/11 IN

27 Apr

Went out for a fun local chase yesterday evening.  Didn’t really see much, but I wasn’t really expecting a lot even though the SPC issued a Tornado Watch.  I had actually looked at the model data earlier in the afternoon, and wasn’t at all impressed.  I was surprised when they issued the Tornado Watch, as I didn’t think conditions were very favorable.  But I decided to chase anyway since it was close to home, and there’s always a chance that some piddly little storm will drop a landspout or something.  Plus I wanted to test out my GPS tracker!

One cell developed north of Lafayette and headed N/E, prompting severe warnings, but I’m not sure anything other than some 1″ hail came out of that.  There was no way I could catch that one, but I expected additional development behind it along the cold front, which did not happen at that time.  Finally a few small cells popped up, and I headed in that direction, but it was clear from a distance that the updrafts were not very strong.  They made it to about 20k ft and then died.

I actually began to head home when I saw a line developing to my west.  I stopped to watch it form, and ended up snapping this amazing sunset picture:

After this, a couple of the cells actually became severe warned, but I got right into the thick of them, and there was nothing at all severe about them.  I really don’t know what is going on with the NWS lately.  It seems like they’re super scared after all these outbreaks, or something.  I would like to have been a fly on the wall in that office when they issued both the watch, and these warnings, just to see what exactly prompted them.  In GRLevel3, it was not even showing a hail signature on these storms.

Anyway, with my tracker on I was visible on Spotter Network, and I have my phone number posted there for NWS and media only.  I received a call from a private number right as one of those severe warned cells was on top of me.  I didn’t answer, but I’m wondering if that was the NWS calling me?  I guess next time I’ll answer, but I wouldn’t expect them to use a private number.

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