Post-Storm Discussion: 4/9/11 IA

10 Apr

Storms are still on-going at the time of this writing, but it’s safe to say my forecast verified!  My position of Onawa, IA would have been PERFECT!  As you can see from this radar grab, I wouldn’t have had to move at all!

This supercell went on to produce tornado after tornado after tornado!  At times it was a 3/4 mile wide wedge!  It has finally just now gotten cut off by another cell.  I could have followed this thing halfway across the state! 

Even though it’s disappointing that I wasn’t there, it’s good practice to make a forecast and follow along as the day goes on, deciding what I would do if I were there.  So when I am actually there, I’ll make the right decisions.

Looking ahead to tomorrow… I’m not even sure yet!  I’ve spent all my time watching what has been going on, and not looking at tomorrow’s models.  I’ll re-visit in the morning.  I’m hoping there’s an outflow boundary laid down in IL that I could target for a quick chase.  I can’t go far though, since I have a test on Monday morning!

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